Online Issue #15

Online #15

"Sea Floor" by Ronny LeCheminant
“Sea Floor” by Ronny LeCheminant


“Figure Eights” by Jennifer Stern
“People in Hell Just Want to Spin the Big Wheel” by Mike Salisbury
“The Putin Resurrections” by Ree Davis


“The Hackamore” by Vanya Erickson
“Crimping the Edge” by Arielle Silver
“A Sparrow in the Wind” by Christine Holmstrom


“The Same Thing” by John Sibley Williams
“After Burial” by Carlie Hoffman
“High Bridge Park” by Carlie Hoffman
“Even Invisible I Go With a Bang” by Michael Schmeltzer
“Versus Charles Bukowski” by Tom Kelly
“Lady at a Balcony” by Jackson Holbert
“Through an April Window” by Kevin Casey
“The Way Around the Light” by Caleb Braun
“Skipping Class” by Wade Sheridan
“Ice Water With a Lime” by Dan Kraines
“Water Cycle” by Catherine Chambers
“Winter” by Sarah Escue
“AWP 2016 Exquisite Corpse”


Interview with Erin Belieu
Review of Mr. and Mrs. Doctor by Julie Iromuanya
Interview with Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor


Background art: "Fairaway" by Shane Watt
Background art: “Fairaway” by Shane Watt


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