Water Cycle

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“Transitory Space, Nova Scotia, Canada #54” by Leah Oates

Tonight seems like a good night
to boil a sack of bones.

I don’t know where the bones
came from, but they seem harmless

enough. To make things clean
again, you boil them, like rags

on a battlefield or the newborn
blankets in the arms of a mother.

Tonight seems like a good night
for my marrow to start a diary,

for things hidden to dissipate
in steam and get sucked

into the air. Bad things that
have happened to me or

even the bad things that I’ve done
will become a raincloud

to water the side of a mountain
and grow an aspen tree

that a boy and a girl will
carve their initials into someday

so that everyone can see just
how in like they are.


by Catherine Chambers