Issue 28 poetry

Synagogue of Green Grass

by Jonathan B. Aibel


An oil painting of an hispanic man in a blue polo shirt and blue baseball cap against a yellow background.
PR3 by Michele Ramirez

Every summer Saturday my father
worshipped, walked the roaring

mower with its choir of blades
away and back. As my brothers

and I each in turn grew strong
enough to yank the recoil, we

were inducted into the mysteries
of prime and throttle, spilling

gasoline, the sweet benzene smell
mixing with newly manned sweat

while our father instructed us
to walk in straight lines.

Jonathan B. Aibel is a poet who spends his days wrestling software to the ground as an engineer specializing in quality and testing. His poems have been published, or will soon appear, in Ocean State Review, Soundings East, Pangyrus, Sweet Tree Review, Rogue Agent, Main Street Rag, and elsewhere.

Michele Ramirez has exhibited in solo and group shows around the country, and has been awarded a George Sugarman Foundation Grant. Her work appears in Artists and Poets Magazine, The Business Journal of Hispanic Research, Somos MedicinaOther Investigations, Wines and VineMungo vs Ranger, and Penumbra.