Issue 28 poetry

Abnormal Pap

by Saba Keramati

An acrylic painting of the tip of a mechanical hip within surrounding tissue rendered abstract with bright colors of red and yellow.
The Exact Temperature of Life by Kathryn Tubbs


Saba Keramati is a Chinese-Iranian writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. A graduate of University of Michigan and UC Davis, her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and appears or is forthcoming in Michigan Quarterly Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Vagabond City Lit, and other publications.

Kathryn Tubbs’ artwork creates beauty from what is often considered grotesque. She depicts disease, injuries, scars, and the body’s interior and microscopic matter. Born in Cypress, CA, Kathryn attended Northwestern University for an undergraduate art degree and received her MFA in printmaking at CSULB. She currently lives in El Segundo, CA. 

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