Gulf Stream Editors Lead Prison Education Initiative

After finding a decade-old letter in the Gulf Stream editorial office from an inmate asking about free journal samples for submission guidelines, Samantha Leon has teamed up with GS-affiliated and independent writers alike to contribute to prison education. Over the next few weeks, Leon will keep a PO Box open for book donations, which will be donated to Miami-Dade Corrections.

Access to education, especially literacy materials, affects a person’s ability to navigate a complex and challenging economy. Education is both a preventative and prescriptive measure for tackling reform in the most-populated prison system in the world–the US prison system. Access to education drastically reduces the risk of a person resorting to criminal habits initially, and reduces the risk of re-incarceration by double digit percentages.

Gulf Stream is proud to lead this initiative and introduce our own work to incarcerated people. We believe that a diverse nation deserves diverse representation in literature and education and we’re proud of our ability to publish and promote the work of traditionally marginalized demographic groups.

Gulf Stream will be donating 3 issues of each back issue in addition to leading the marketing and collection portion of the initiative. Please message us on one of our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to receive the PO Box address. The address can also be relayed by Sam Leon on her personal social media account (Twitter and IG) @heysamleon. Please, soft cover books only.