Summer Contest Issue

5._Flayed_Bunny GS Proof
“Flayed Bunny” by Jury Judge

Fiction Contest Winner

“Afterburner” by Sharon Lee Snow

Poetry Contest Winner

“When You Go to Mardi Gras with Anne Sexton” by Jen Rouse


“Another Time It Rained” by Eric Rasmussen
“Never Eat Soggy Waffles” by W. Scott Thomason
“Acceptance” by Christian Gilman Whitney


“In Defense of Beige” by Brian Czyzyk
“History of Body” by Sandra Faulkner
“Scene at the Central Park Zoo, Late Winter” by Carlie Hoffman
“Connemara” by Rachel Marie Patterson
“Anne Sexton on Baseball” by Jen Rouse
“With Anne Sexton at the Bookstore” by Jen Rouse
“Border Town Lengua” by Gabriel Rubi
“Noble Metal” by Leona Sevick
“Antikythera” by Jonathan Travelstead
“Poetry in Orbit” by Lawrence Wilson