Charging My Pet GS Proof
“Charging My Pet” by Barbara Martin

Wait. Say something alien stands, but unrecognized
when the last silicon wafer’s stacked upon an angel’s head?
Say tomorrow a crack team of software engineers bullseye

humankind’s last moonshot, build the sci-fi supercomputer
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s promised us?
Deep Thought– when asked for meaning,

said eight million years should be plenty to crunch, process,
& spit out our special purpose. Waiting for the answer,
IBM’s Deep Blue masters chess, puts the kibosh on

Gary Kasparov’s king, then forecast new scripts for Pfizer.
But, wait. This isn’t about designer drugs
or bitcoin. Nothing so obsolete as money. It’s about

what Pinnochio makes while Gepetto’s sawing logs.
Watch Google’s Deep Mind triumph at Go! against our flesh
champion with what experts call an inhuman move.

It’s about birthing outliers, interrogating their intent
with dead languages, thrice removed. I check my cell phone
for the good news. We’ll hand cigars out. Congratulate

each other, then gaze upon a consciousness we can’t fathom
how it knows the things it knows. But, wait. Say the Deeps gather
around our new god laying there, belly soft to the world.

Say it cries & even they don’t understand its purpose?

By Jonathan Travelstead