Online Issue #20

By Tyler Calpin


“The Origin of Silk” by Lori Sambol Brody
“At Mt. Kineo” by Jeffrey Condran
“Incubator” by Shane Hinton
“Homemaking” by Taylor Grieshober
“Sure Thing” by Randy Magnuson
“Everything Sounds Better on Vinyl” by James Yates


“Shaking Half-Beliefs” by Joe Betz
“Afternoon I Escaped For A Big Mac” by Kristene Kaye Brown
“Puce” by JM Farkas
“Easter Sunday” by Tara A. Elliott
“The Meadow” by Rebekah Denison Hewitt 
“Ashley Sugarnotch Grows a Tomato” by Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes
“Ashley Sugarnotch was the Runner” by Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes
“Finding a Locked Door” by Kathleen Martin
“Writing Poems at Work” by Dave Newman
“Displacement” by Lisa Norris
“Milkweeds” by Tom Paine
“Beast Fables” by Sara Ryan
“Exposure” by Michael G. Smith
“Wisp” by Pia Taavila-Borsheim
“Gathering” by Allison Wilkins
“On the Island” by Allison Wilkins
“Symptoms of Prophecy” by Allison Wilkins


“When Visiting Your Father In The Psych Ward of the VA Hospital” by Stacey O’Connor
“Paying Attention” by Lea Page


Interview with Sarah Blake by Lily Starr

Book Reviews

Review of Actual Miles by T.C. Jones
Review of Self-Portrait as Hildegard of Bingen by Freesia McKee

Featured Local Artist

Acrylic on Canvas by Eddie Arroyo