Online Issue #19

“Broadcast” by John Gardner


“Replacing the Drive Train” by Kristen N. Arnett
“North-South Axis” by Jensen Beach
“Scheduled Unstructured Free Time” by Ben Gwin
“Equinox” by Tara Kaprowy
“Flicker” by Ginny Levy
“Business Meeting” by Cady Vishniac


“No Diggity” by Hanif Abdurraqib
“As I Near Forty I Think of You Then” by Allison Adair
“Stash” by John F. Buckley
“Gladys Knows the Girls Want to Take her Place” by Hannah Craig
“Garden” by Richard L. Gegick
“Dischord No. 135” by Beth Gilstrap and Jim Warner
“Getting Older” by Tony Hoagland
“Ginormous” by Tony Hoagland
“Plenty of Fish” by Jennifer Litt
“Saint Ursula Advises Emily Dickinson” by Carolyn Oliver
“Bad Corner” by Scott Silsbe
“One Night at The Eclipse (Why Are You So Angry?)” by Scott Silsbe
“Birth Story” by Sara Moore Wagner
“String Theory” by Keith S. Wilson
“The Test” by Keith S. Wilson


“Microbursts” by Susan McGee Bailey
“Brine” by Judith Barrington


Interview with Danez Smith by Sam Leon
Interview with Sarah Gerard by Jason Katz
Interview with Scott Silsbe by T.C. Jones
Interview with Eileen Myles by Freesia Mckee

Book Reviews

Review of The Cowherd’s Son by Lily Starr
Review of Don’t Call Us Dead by Sam Leon
Review of Nasty Women Poets by Freesia McKee