Editorial Issue 29

Between Here and There

by Kristin Gallagher This August, after three semesters of seeing other humans only through Zoom squares, I went back to campus and discovered just how difficult it is to recognize people who are wearing masks. Prior to returning, I had spent much of the last eighteen months looking exactly like the image in Standing In […]

Editorial Issue 28


by Michael Sheriff The submission period for this issue began with a necessary structural change at Gulf Stream Magazine: We added a no-fee submission option for BIPOC writers and artists. Removing the barrier of cost for people who have been systematically oppressed created an opportunity for our staff and future as a literary magazine. Through […]

Editorial Issue 27

A Season in Isolation

by Natalie Satakovski With each new issue of Gulf Stream Magazine, you’ll find a fresh palate of literary tastes represented in our pages.  This fall, fourteen readers and editors—all writers from FIU’s MFA program—considered submissions, contended for their picks, and helped pull Issue 27 together. Named for our unusual social season, this issue is a […]

2020 Summer Contest Editorial Issue 26

Dark Summer

by Natalie Satakovski This summer, news of the death of George Floyd reverberated from speakers all around the world, while COVID-19 took its toll around us. Here in Miami, protestors chorused “Black lives matter,” “No justice, no peace,” and “Defund the police.” These events formed the backdrop of our 2020 Summer Contest, the winners and finalists […]