Online # 8

Gulf Stream #8

Welcome to Gulf Stream Lit Mag #8! Enjoy reading our carefully chosen, eccentric, compelling selection of new poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Also, check out interviews with Margot Livesey and David Lehman.


The Queen of Moloka’i by Kirby Wright

Guy Walks Into a Bar by Paul Crenshaw

The Edible Feast by Sue Allison



Dumb Animals by Ryan Burden

Mejdoub by Jay Kauffmann

The Cut by Dario Sulzmann

The Dad in Question by Neil Connelly



Gone Fishing by Marty Cain

Manual by Anthony Frame

Pastoral by Brent House

The Chorus by Danielle DeTiberus

The Dog Days of Summer by Jacob Schepers

The Huge Dwarf by Michael Bazzett



Gulf Stream Interviews:  David Lehman by Ashley M. Jones

Book Review:  Tell the Wolves I’m Home—Carol Rifka Brunt by Sarah L. Mason

Gulf Stream Interviews:  Margot Livesey by Jennifer Martiza McCauley

Book Review:  American Mastodon—Brad Ricca by Paul Christiansen




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