25th Anniversary



This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Gulf Stream! To honor our quarter century, throughout the year we will be re-publishing selections from our archives.  Celebrate with us by reading some of our favorites below. And check back frequently as we continue to add new content every week.


Sunday Cockfights by Stuart Dybek

Getting to Know My Neurotransmitters by Charles Harper Webb

Your New Lover is Hard to Touch by Stacey Waite

My Architect by Sherman Alexie

Thyoridectomy by Jeff Simpson

Trails by Jim Daniels


Ricochet by Virgil Suarez

No One in the World by Chad Simpson

The Given Day Excerpt by Dennis Lehane


Any Idea by Naomi Shihab Nye

Spitting by Sibyl James

I, Swimmer by Marcia Aldrich


Postcard from Natasha Trethewey

Postcard from Thomas Lux

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