Issue 30 poetry

Ibis Reincarnated

by Haley Bell Keane

statue of an ibis head from ancient Egypt
Statuette of Ibis Head, Courtesy of Art Institute Chicago.

On my way to work, a brown ibis walking in the grass.
I almost pull over to ask about its feathering—do ibis have
brown plumage? A juvenile, maybe, or just

some other bird—which birds look like ibis? Would it
ruin this poem if I knew? Would it be a different poem?
Do I have the spoons to write another poem? Spoon-billed,

as it were—my friend, reading the first draft of this poem,
thought the ibis was dead. Now
I make sure all the birds I write are moving.

Haley Bell Keane is a third-year MFA student at Florida Atlantic University, where she currently serves as the poetry editor for Swamp Ape Review. She grew up in South Florida with a big mango tree in her backyard. Find her @horripilatious on Instagram and Twitter.