Issue 29 poetry

What Happens After

by Brent Ameneyro

An abstract acrylic painting. It has a cloud like print with different shades of bright light blue, emerald green, a darker shade canary gold and a lighter shade banana gold.
Souls Wallpaper by Sofie Deen

She made the best red rice and frijoles.
After the table was cleared,
it was filled again

with tamales—peel back the husk
find something steaming, damp,
what some might call flesh-toned.

After the table was cleared,
something else appeared
from the kitchen,

and so it went like this all day.
After the flan went cold,
Mayté turned

into a Crested Caracara
and blew the napkins off the table
when she opened her wings.

Brent Ameneyro’s poetry has been published in The Fourth River, Hispanic Culture Review, and elsewhere. He was the recipient of the the 2019 Sarah B. Marsh Rebelo Excellence in Poetry award, a 2020 San Miguel Poetry Week Fellowship, and the 2021 SRS Research Award for Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice.

Sofie Rosalien Deen is a multidisciplinary artist from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Inspired by the subconscious, her work consists of abstract paintings, fine art photography and poetry. When she is not creating art she is either busy with her vintage clothing shop, working as a community organizer or playing padel.