2020 Summer Contest News

2020 Summer Contest Shortlist

Thank you so much to everyone who sent something in & congratulations to those who made the list.

We loved reading your work & would love if you sent more in 2021. This year we had a total of 160 poetry entries, 117 fiction entries, & 64 creative nonfiction entries. 

We’ll be announcing the winners & finalists in each categorywho will be featured in our 26th issueshortly. 


Soleil Garneau ‘On the Line’

Zebulon Huset ‘Start at the Beginning’ 

Zebulon Huset ‘Dancing with the Surreal, 2009’

Lisa Caloro ‘Trash Talk’

Ellen June Wright ‘I’ve been Waiting for Hate to Die’

Anna Leahy ‘Solve for X’

Alaina Bainbridge ‘I Attend a Pool Party’

Rebecca Morton ‘When I Was a Horse (Foster Care)’

Jonathan Duckworth ‘Glossary of Poet Words’

Jeremy Rud ‘I Make You, You Make Me’

Kelli Russell Agodon ‘Before I Walk Out the Door, I Grab My Switchblade’


Gregory Byrd ‘Homestead’

Owen Schalk ‘Brandy and Butterflies on the Euphrates’ 

Alan Sincic ‘The Hawaiian Club’

Amanda Stern ‘The First Thing About Raising Babies’

Marlene Olin ‘A Lamentation of Swans’

Lee Thomas ‘Carlos’

Nancy Ludmerer ‘Good Intentions’

Charlotte Hammond ‘Burr and the Unburial’

Shelby Wardlaw ‘Make Meaning With What Remains’

Katie O’Donnell ‘Wonga Beach’

Jenny Robertson ‘Sex-O-Rama,1993’

Kate Dusto ‘Milkshake Tour of the Arkansas Valley’

Molly McCaffrey ‘Two People for Six O’Clock’

Creative nonfiction

Patrick Pawlowski ‘Waiting’

Patrick Pawlowski ‘Graduated’

Ashley Memory ‘Field of Glass’

Grace Gilbert ‘Body Within’ 

Chelsea Catherine ‘Touch, Hold, Kiss’

Jonathan Jones ‘Scars Fists Watch Kiss’

Albert Leftwich ‘Bayou Oysters, Bayou Oil’

Natalie Beisner ‘And the Men Like Gods’

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