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Reflection by Casey Knott


Turns out, it wasn’t a ghost tapping

I’m still here in Morse Code at the window

the whole long morning

you spent pretending the day ahead

might deliver something

to cleave the weight in your chest,

even though nothing but a rapture

would do. You’ve been tired for days.

You’ve got lots of excuses

for being who you are.


It wasn’t some star-crossed lover

plinking your glass with a lot of nerve

and a suitcase of pebbles.

It wasn’t the neighbor kids or the future

presuming itself.


It was none of these but a robin

pecking and winging at your windows

like some metaphor,

assuming its own reflection was another

bird. I’ll give it to him,

this one has some tenacity.

Some grit.

He is winning at something.


But all I can think of is that metaphor

and how alike we are for being so hard

on ourselves, here

when the day calls for softness.