Online Issue #22


Everglades City” by Dawn Abeita

Worship” by Cedric Synnestvedt


“Spinstering” by Catherine Johnson


After Watching A Trip to the Moon” by Kathryn Smith

Cabeza De Vaca Weathers the Gulf” by Lesley Clinton

Girl Western” by Anna Tomlinson

I Have Never Been A Horse” by Ja’net Danielo

Linen Anniversary” by Dante Di Stefano

Office Politics” by Cheyenne Taylor

Shaman” by Caitlin Carter

the visiting poet asks why I never write about my hometown” by Karah Kemmerly

Tilling Winter Rye” by Samuel Piccone

Van Gogh: Wheatfield and Starry Night” by David Salner

What the Ghosts in a Kiki Petrosino Poem Said to the Ghosts in an Anne Sexton Poem, Which Were Actually the Ghosts in My Own Poem” by Dante Di Stefano

On Being the Only Asian in Small-Town Kansas” by Shannon Nakai

Rag of a Woman” by Shannon Nakai

Telemetry” by Natalie Homer


Kilic.sinejan.6jpg.JPG” by Sinejan Buchina

Zeppelin” by Brian Cohen

Seek And Ye Shall Find” by Leah Dockrill

52093949_101004704780453” by Ryan Favata

Darwins_Theory_of_Evolution” by Chloe Kang

Making Gold” by Rick Nickel

17332510_1365515566802592” by Jenny Rossi

Spider’s Nest” by Calvin Welch

3_Whispers_Urgent_As_Neon” by Bill Wolak

16-2007_Ramen_Noodles_-_ink” by Choong Yoon Lee

“12531098_1527724320861709_1268673951_n” by Jenny Rossi


“What it Means to Stay: A Conversation with Hieu Minh Nguyen” by Bri Griffith