Online Issue #17

“The Day He Came Home” by Jennifer Powers


“Every time it snows” by Leah Angstman
“What Is Paid For” by Eric Boyd
“Shopgirls” by Sarah Fox
“Mr. Past Tense” by Tim Haywood


“Dum Dum’s Double D’s” by Wendy Atwell
“Strength” by Daniel Miller


“Everything is There” by Devdas Chhotray (Translated from Odia by Bibhu Padhi)
“A Knife at the Crossroads in Chimayó” by Meghan Maguire Dahn
“Country Album” by Kristina Marie Darling
“Barcelona” by George Franklin
“Doe” by Matthew Gellman
“My Mother Birthed My Brother Just Months Before Her Father Died” by Devin Kelly
“Poem With the Smell of Coffee Inside” by Devin Kelly
“Statement for the End of Language” by Devin Kelly
“I Like How the Living & the Dead Entwine” by Jennifer Stewart Miller
“Landscape With Ex-Husband Lingering” by Emily Mohn-Slate
“Poem Where I Find Test Strips in the Dryer Lint” by Rachel Morgan
“Hunger” by Kirk Schlueter
“The Insomniac at the Full Moon” by Brian Simoneau
“To Kevin on the Occasion of His Wedding” by Bob Sykora

Graphic Narrative

“Painted Lady” by Michael Chaney


Interview With Jennine Capó Crucet by T.C. Jones