Linen Anniversary

Our big golden dog twitches in yelping

contentment as he dreams at my feet his dreams

of a perfect canine heaven, where chased,

and chasing, he forever runs with us,

while upstairs you sleep, I imagine, so


the dream in you might tendril itself out

of your long brown hair and suffuse the air

with the jasmine and cardamom our nights

proffer to you, as our daughter clutches

the petals of cherry blossoms and the meat


of papaya in her little scamp hands,

which are restful in her green bassinet

as she lifts her simian legs toward

the stars she cannot see spinning above,

and I tender you this apple, this leaf


on sunflower stem, this homely flourish,

radiant bloom of the present held fast

against time with its atticful of squirrels

crazy with the jealousy of decay;

hold us here in the spiral of the rose.