Online #14

Cover art: "Can't Contain" by Ryan Trombley
Cover art: “Can’t Contain” by Ryan Trombley


Some thoughts I noted while standing above a slow-moving river by Chad Schuster
Here Comes the Tricky Part by Thomas Kearnes
Peter and The Duck by Patrice Hutton
We Will Tell Our Children by Jennifer Zeynab Maccani
Her Eyes Are Open by Justin Eisenstadt


Angel by Anna Laird Barto
A Study of Three Usual Birds by Kaylen Mallard
The Perfect Thing: How I Reached My Fashion Zenith With The Unwitting Help of Style Icon Kim Gordon by Nancy Matson


Abuse by Lucia Cherciu
Howland Island, 8:43am by Teresa Plana
Boarding School at Pebble Beach by Pat Owen
Old Orange Avenue by Gianna Russo
Not Allowed in Kamala Nehru Park by Tanya Muzumdar
You Join Matchdotcom Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving by Shoshauna Shy
Farewell by Cindy Rinne
Cotard’s Delusion by Elisa Karbin
Security Deposit by Drew Attana


Interview with Juan Felipe Herrera
Review of The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
Review of Pelvis with Distance by Jessica Jacobs


Background art: "VIVID" by Crystal A. Gee
Background art: “VIVID” by Crystal A. Gee