2020 Summer Contest Creative NonFiction Issue 26

Bayou Oysters, Bayou Oil

by Albert Leftwich shuck/SHək/ (in French, écailler) Noun. 1. An outer covering, such as the shell of an oyster (French: coquille d’une huitre). 2. A person or thing regarded as useless, worthless or contemptible, something of little value—usually used in plural, as in Ain’t worth shucks or They don’t care shucks about us. Verb. 3. […]

2020 Summer Contest fiction Issue 26

A Lamentation of Swans

by Marlene Olin A lock and a key. A nut and a bolt. A child and its mother. Alone they’re nothing, their bearings unmoored, their future adrift. It was Nettie’s greatest fear that they’d be separated. And once the pandemic hit, her fears came true.  She and Henry were fixtures in their South Miami neighborhood, […]