Creative NonFiction

On Gardening by Stacy Boe Miller

I’m ripping out my garden, pulling dried tomatoes and zucchini plants from the hard, gray ground. I’m not doing this because summer is over, because the frosty nights warn us that one season is pushing on the back of another. It’s only July. I’m ripping out these plants nestled in the center of a community […]


Issue #24

From the Editor: Happy new decade! Our first work of 2020 is one that showcases just how much ground we can cover as literary citizens, writers and collaborators. Our contributors for this issue are from Miami and Seoul, are poetic icons and emerging voices. Take a moment to read to the contributors’ bios to get […]


           Lavender             On a warm summer evening Lauri sat on the couch and looked outside the sliding glass door at her garden.  At night the garden was beautiful.  Or at least, it looked like it might have been.  During the day, one could see that everything was brown and brittle and dead.  But at night, […]

Online Issue #21 Contributors

Aiden Angle is a current MFA candidate at Rutgers University, Newark. He has a B.A. in Psychology, with concentration in human development, and minor in creative writing. He’s worked as a counselor in community mental health for individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as severe mental illness. He’s an assistant poetry editor for Narrative Magazine, […]

Sure Thing

That summer, Tom Moss rented a paint striper from the hardware store and made a court right there in the cul-de-sac. We admired the way he set it up: the hoop—a nice one with padding and a Plexiglas backboard—installed near the edge of the street, and the lines, measured out to Indiana High School Athletics […]


When my wife called my name her voice had a thinness to it, a slight quiver that caused me to turn, spilling a scoop of dog food outside of the bowl. The dogs should have noticed too. They are supposed to be specially attuned to things like that, having evolved for so long in human […]

Crimping the Edge

I’ll never: Grow a baby inside my womb. Feel the primal humbleness of labor. Leak from my nipples at a cry on TV. Navigate my own need to sleep against the needy wakefulness of an infant. Witness that first moment when the eyes focus, the teeth break, the first laugh, word, crawl, walk. Or the […]